All public training

Simplified version organised by Tony Echavidre, mainly based on module I with a part on varnish finishing.

The next session is in summer 2024

Professional training

To perfect your skills, master all the steps and increase your knowledge to excel in the varnishing process.

This training is offered by ALADFI with Tony Echavidre as trainer.

The system taught in my training courses is based on many years of experience and experimentation, allowing all stages of the process to be approached in a supervised manner.

For professionals, it is divided into two modules during separate training courses:

I/ Wood base, preparation and application of varnish layers.

II/ Finishing and patina

I/ Wood base, preparation and application of varnish layers.

In this five-day intensive workshop, the trainees will be guided through the varnishing process, from the wood base to the final varnish coat, including the preparation of the pigmented layers.

In parallel, the subject of varnish stoving and the process steps that will be very useful for future home-made varnishes will be covered: resin, oil washing, temperature choices, fluorescence, utensils and driers used in varnish preparation.

You will leave with a better understanding of the varnishing process and greater confidence in the result.

II/ Finish and patina

This part, based on an empirical approach, will address all the techniques available in specific sequences that interact with each other to form an aesthetically pleasing result.

Again, we will discuss the firing of varnishes in relation to the patina techniques.

This professional training is organised by ALADFI, for registration please refer to the PDF above.

Any questions?

Who are the courses for ?

All public : you wish to access simple and approved practices to succeed in finishing with confidence and gain autonomy. 

Professional course : you wish to improve your skills, master all the steps and increase your knowledge to excel in the varnishing process.


Are the courses recognised as qualifying ?

All public : no, because it is organised by Tony Echavidre who is not registered as a training organisation

Professional course : Yes, ALADFI is certified by QUALIOPI. If you wish to know more about this certification, please contact the association.

Where do the courses take place ?

All public : Le Bois de lutherie, 4 Rue de la Scierie, 25330 FERTANS

Professional course : Ferme de Villevafard, 2 impasse de l’église et de la cure, 87190 Villefavard 

When will the courses take place ?

All public : The next session is in summer 2024

The dates for Module II are still to be determined.

Professional course : Monday 8 to Friday 12 May 2023

What are the fees ?

All public :

Training: 1000€.

Accommodation: between 15 and 25 € / night / person to see with “Le Bois de Lutherie

Lunch + tea + coffee: 17 € / day / person.

Evening meal and breakfast to be organised between participants at the gîte.

Professional course : 

470 € (room and board) 

320 € (camping accommodation and full board) 

How to participate in the next course ?

All public : Please send an email to for details or fill in the registration form above. A preliminary meeting will be required to gather your needs and specify the material to be provided. 

Professional courses : Please send an email to specifying the name of the course you wish to register for, no later than 30 March 2023. You will receive a questionnaire and a registration form to send back to us. A preliminary interview with the trainers will be required to collect your needs and specify the material to be provided. The interview will take place by telephone. 

Can I be reimbursed for my training ?

All public : Not that I am aware of.

Professional course : Yes, if conditions allow.

I have additional questions

All public : For any additional questions related to the course, please send an email to or contact me by phone at +33 6 89 35 36 69.

Professional courses : For any additional questions please send an email to Corinne Baillet at 

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