Tony carries out each step of the building process, including the varnish, which follows traditional  recipes
reinterpreted based on  the needs of his creations. Mastery of all these steps allows him to control and
ensure the consistent quality of  his instruments.  Dedicated to  creating instruments that improve over time in the hands of the musician, he pays particular attention to constantly maintaining the highest level of quality 
 by using only the finest  materials.  As a result, he can only build a limited
number of instruments each year.
Several parameters are established before the development of a new instrument, such as projection, color,
sound texture as well as  the ergonomics and comfort of playing. As each musician and each project are
unique, it is necessary to propose a wide selection of wood and different models, most often
inspired by the Italian masters of the XVII and XVIII century.

Tony Echavidre makes every effort to ensure the optimal evolution of his instruments once they pass into the hands of the musician.  He is available by appointment at his workshop in Bordeaux and also at the CLAC workshop in Paris,
where his instruments are exposed among a selection of works by  the collective.